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Fiction for skateboarders

Ethan Wares Skateboard Series

Real skateboarding, for skateboarders, written by a skateboarder.

Book 1

The Blocks

Published 2016
Photo by Shawn Henry

Book 2


Published 2017
Photo by Karol Kaczorek

Book 3

Pool Staker

Published 2018
Photo by Alexander Londoño

Book 4

Punch Drunk

Published Oct 2019
Photo by Ben Pham

Book 5

Nutbar DIY

Published Oct 2019
Photo by Vojtěch Petr


Books 1 – 5

Published Oct 2019

All books are available on Amazon in print and ebook formats. Please check them out, give me a review, and reach out to say hello!

‘He’s a better writer than a skateboarder.’

What is Skate Fiction?

Skate fiction is contemporary adventure stories with skateboarding at its core and doesn’t patronise the reader. 

The Goal is always to ride (whether that’s achieved or not).

The Antagonist is an authority figure who is against the Goal.

The story is always the Conflict between the Antagonist and the skaters to achieve the Goal.

Try your first skate fiction story today.

Mark Mapstone is a skateboarder, a writer, and author of the Ethan Wares Skateboard Series books.

After discovering there was no fiction books written for skateboarders with realistic skateboarding in them, and being qualified with a degree in creative writing from the prestigious Bath Spa University, Mark decided he was perfectly positioned to cater this audience.

In-between road-trips, an infinite Instagram feed of videos to watch, and discovering bruises on himself which he has no-idea how they got there, Mark uses his knowledge of the current skateboarding world to create exciting and authentic stories which every skateboarder goes through daily. 


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