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Fiction for skateboarders

Ethan Wares Skateboard Series

Real skateboarding, for skateboarders, written by a skateboarder.

Published 2016

Photo by Shawn Henry

Published 2017

Photo by Karol Kaczorek

Published 2018

Photo by Alexander Londoño

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(possibly the author)

Mark Mapstone is a skateboarder, a writer, and author of the Ethan Wares Skateboard Series books.

After discovering there was no fiction books written for skateboarders with realistic skateboarding in them, and being qualified with a degree in creative writing from the prestigious Bath Spa University, Mark decided he was perfectly positioned to cater this audience.

In-between road-trips, an infinite Instagram feed of videos to watch, and discovering bruises on himself which he has no-idea how they got there, Mark uses his knowledge of the current skateboarding world to create exciting and authentic stories which every skateboarder goes through daily.